High School: Ethics & Religious Culture

Welcome Ethics and Religious Culture Teachers!

This section includes a series of lesson plans that are designed to integrate sexual education topics into the curriculum for Ethics and Religious Culture.

This section discusses sexuality with respect to the following topics:

ERC 1: Contraception

ERC 2: Myths about Sexual Violence

ERC 3: Boundaries, Consent, and Communication

ERC 4: Emotional and Sexual Intimacy

ERC 5: Pregnancy Options

Additional ideas for ERC lessons:

-Discuss issues related to emotional and sexual communication on the internet. Examine the issue of anonymity that the internet provides and how this plays a role in what gets revealed and shared.

-Discuss the difference between flirting and sexual harassment.

-Examine what the term “sexual object” means.

-Discuss why it seems to be difficult for people to adopt behaviours that can keep them safe.

-Ask students to define “hooking up” or “friends with benefits” and then debate the pros and cons.

-Have students discuss the existence of peer pressure in their lives and what they could do to resist it.