High School: English Language Arts

Welcome English Language Arts Teachers!

This section includes a series of lesson plans that are designed to integrate sexual education topics into the curriculum for the English Language Arts.

This section discusses sexuality with respect to the following topics:

ELA 1: Analysing Relationships

ELA 2: Media Images

ELA 3: STI Media Awareness

ELA 4: Stereotypes in Popular Music

ELA 5: Teenage Pregnancy

ELA 6: Living with HIV

ELA 7: Street Language

Additional ideas for ELA lessons include:

-Have students read novels or texts with topics related to same and opposite sex relationships, HIV and AIDS, love and stereotypes.  Have a discussion about attitudes, values, beliefs and behaviours of the characters in relation to their own lives.

-Have students do creative writing exercises on the subjects listed above.

-Analyse graffiti (often found in washrooms) or jokes related to sexuality. Have them reflect on the reasons behind these messages and their effects.

-Have a debate on jealousy with the following proposition: “Jealousy is a sign of love.”