Training: A User’s Guide for Educators

While AIDS Community Care Montreal offers online lesson plans and tips about how to approach sexual health education in the classroom, we also strongly encourage you and your colleagues to participate in our free Teacher’s Training. The training is not only a great opportunity to learn and share ideas about approaching this kind of sensitive subject matter with students, it was created as an essential component of the Teacher’s Toolkit.

ACCM’s Teacher’s Training acts as an introduction to teaching sex-ed. It includes a diverse selection of activities designed to provide strategies for incorporating sexual health content in the classroom. One of the benefits of taking the 4-hour training is the opportunity to practice some of the activities included in the lesson plans. Not only does this familiarise teachers with the content in the lesson plans, it also provides an opportunity to give and receive feedback to/from your peers and our trainers. The full training session also includes an anonymous question period, where teachers receive the answers to their own inquiries.

For further training information, please contact ACCM at

Using ACCM’s Lesson Plans in Your Classroom

Please keep in mind that ACCM’s lesson plans have been created for a broad audience of educators. Certain activities may be more or less suited to your teaching style, time constraints and other classroom needs. One of the Teacher’s Toolkit’s primary goals is to help teachers incorporate specific sexual health messages into specific subject areas; adaptation on the part of the educator was expected when these lesson plans were conceived. Should you choose to adapt a lesson plan, please send us your ideas and feedback online so that other educators may benefit from your hard work!