About the Teacher’s Sex Ed Toolkit

The Teacher’s Sex Ed Toolkit is a collection of free, downloadable lesson plans adapted for teachers in Québec.

Elements of the Teacher’s Toolkit

  1. Teacher Training Workshops

  • ACCM offers free workshops for teachers designed to provide tips and strategies about how to lead discussions concerning sexual health in your classrooms.
  • Our workshops provide guidance on how to teach sex ed in an inclusive, comprehensive, and effective way
  • These training opportunities provide teachers and administrators with instructions on how to implement the sex ed lesson plans we have created.
  1. Sex Ed Lesson Plans

  • ACCM has created a bank of free sexual health lesson plans, accessible online
  • All our lesson plans are in accordance with the Québec curricula for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science & Technology, History & Civilisation, and Ethics & Religious Culture
  • We also offer sexual health lesson plans that conform to Québec’s elementary level sexuality education program.
  1. Multi-media platform

  • Our website – sexedtoolkit.com — contains resources, additional lesson plans, links to community organisations, and sexual health information for students, teachers and parents.
  • Your feedback is crucial to the evolution of the Teacher’s Toolkit. Please help us to update and create new lesson plans online at sexedtoolkit.com.
  • We look forward to offering opportunities for students to participate in peer-education as the project expands into the future.
  1. Community Resource Guide

  • ACCM provides information about and contact information for various health services in Montreal.